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Which brand of imported bearing has what advantage


Which brand of imported bearing has what advantage

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Mention imported bearings may have many direct users are not very clear exactly how many brands, or know three or two brands, we will introduce the relevant brands.
Mention imported bearings may have many direct users are not very clear exactly how many brands, or know three or two brands, we will introduce the relevant brands.
SKF, the Chinese company SKF, is a Swedish rolling bearing manufacturer, representing the world's highest level of bearing technology, the current products engaged in rolling bearings, bearings, bearing units, seals, lubrication systems, state monitoring, drive and motion control products.
SKF in China: SKF has a long history in China. In 1912, China's first SKF agent opened in Shanghai, five years after Mr. In 1916, SKF established a sales company in Shanghai and continued to operate until 1951. SKF started its China business again in 1986 through its Shanghai consignment office. In 1988 SKF established a sales company in Hong Kong, named SKF China limited. Since 1994, SKF has been setting up factories in China. In 1997, SKF (China) investment co., ltd. was officially established and renamed SKF (China) co., ltd. as the headquarters of SKF in China for long-term development in the rapidly developing Chinese market. Mr. Tang is the current President of SKF China, responsible for SKF's business in China. SKF imported bearings ranked first in the world ranking list, outstandingly. (the introduction of China is reproduced from SKF's official website)
2. NSK, a Chinese company, is the pioneer of Japanese rolling bearing and precision bearing, representing the world's cutting-edge technology and enjoying a worldwide reputation. The main products include bearing products, precision machinery products, bearing components and automotive industry products including hub bearing units, electric power steering devices, steering string? Intermediate shaft, engine related parts, electronic accessories related products, automatic gearbox, manual gearbox, differential half-shaft gear and transmission shaft (universal joint shaft), semi-ring CVT POWERTOROS Unit, motorcycle and four-wheel light vehicle, etc.
NSK in China: NSK LTD., founded in 1916, is the first bearing manufacturer in Japan. At present, NSK has established sales network in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and owns nearly 70 factories, ranking top in the world in the industry. NSK committed to in order to thank the trust of users in China, the high-speed economic development of China's output of advanced production technology and management experience, and gradually establish and perfect the production as the core, technology as the guide, the marketing information for the auxiliary system of integrated enterprise, NSK will accelerate the process of localization of the system, thus to provide Chinese users more direct, more perfect service, for the industry to make due contributions to the modernization of China.
Ensker investment co., ltd. is the China headquarters of Japan seiko co., ltd. which is fully responsible for the production technology sales and operation in mainland China and Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1992, NSK has established more than 30 manufacturing, r&d and sales companies and subsidiaries throughout China.
In the future, we will, as always, according to the needs of Chinese customers, as soon as possible to market demand reflected in the product, and to meet customer demand as our own responsibility, beyond their own, beyond the future. NSK imported bearings in the global ranking of the total number 2, is not to be underestimated the cutting-edge force (China part reproduced from the NSK official website)
Advantages of using imported bearings:
1. Imported bearings have longer service life and higher accuracy.
2. Compared with similar bearings of domestic brands, imported bearings have lower noise, higher limit speed and are not easy to be hot.
3. The imported bearing bears high load and is suitable for occasions with high requirements.
For high requirements and not easy to disassemble equipment can save a lot of cost, comprehensive cost better.